Bhakti is love — loving God, loving your own Self, and loving all beings. The small heart should become bigger and bigger and, eventually, totally expansive.” - Mata Amritanandamayi

The Yoga of LOVE.  

The Sanskrit word bhakti comes from the root bhaj, which means “to adore or worship God.” Bhakti yoga has been called “love for love’s sake” and “union through love and devotion.” Bhakti yoga, like any other form of yoga, is a path to self-realization, to having an experience of oneness with everything. (qtd in Yoga Journal by Nora Isaacs)

What does it take to be a Bhakti yogi in this modern world?

It is an individual and unique journey for each of us... a Journey of the heart.

A path of love, devotion and surrender.

Through the many practices of Bhakti yoga from chanting mantras, to dancing and expressing ourselves fully, to coming together in community and being compassionate human beings, there are many ways to experience God. 

As we dive into the practices of Bhakti yoga, we allow ourselves to experience an authentic depth of loving and being loved in the most fulfilling and nourishing way.

One of the wonderful teachers I've sat with over the years, Gangaji says, "until your last breath" and this is the reality of any practice. We continue to practice and learn from our friends, family members and strangers we meet on the street day to day. 

The Beatles left us with this profound song... and well, it's true. 

All you need is love
All you need is love
All you need is love, love
Love is all you need. 

Bhakti Yoga immersions around the globe

I love gathering new and old students to come together in community and connect with each other. Heart to heart.

I'll be guiding Bhakti yoga immersions in Japan, Thailand, China, Europe and beyond in 2019 and 2020, so come and join me!

See my calendar for full information and check out my Japanese website for all dates in Japan.

And Remember to fall in love with your breath every moment... the miracle of who you are!


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Spring Sabbatical

 —  —


Slowing down, taking time to reflect on the past decade... preparing for the next decade with ceremony and self-care. With the current world situation being affected by COVID-19, I have postponed my Spring tour and possibly my Summer tour. I'll be working on online content to share soon...with updates for tour schedule to be announced in the coming weeks. Until then...please stay Safe, Healthy and Keep the Music Alive in your Heart and Soul!

Chamonix Yoga Festival

 —  —

Le Majestic, Chamonix, Mont Blanc

The Chamonix Yoga Festival is a three-day festival dedicated to yoga and well-being in the heart of the Mont-Blanc range.

Internationally renowned yoga teachers will be giving lessons throughout the festival in English and French. A choice of different yoga styles, meditation and dance classes are on offer, as well as a relaxing concert of healing sounds. There will also be workshops on nutrition, Ayurvedic medicine and much more! All ages and levels welcome... An event not to be missed@

Pranayama As Taught By The Masters: A Journey Through Hatha Yoga with Sri O. P. Tiwari and Paul Dallaghan

 —  —

Samahita Retreat, Koh Samui, Thailand

This training is focused on the practice of prānāyāma under the careful eye of a long-lived life-long practitioner master and his senior student in all these practices. There is also the opportunity for those ready to further their practice of kriyas. Various options for āsana practice are offered, both guided and self-practice, with the aim to reveal the link of how āsana leads in to breathwork, prānāyāma and other seated practices. The afternoon lecture sessions will focus on selected teachings from Hatha Yoga texts followed by open discussion and Q&A. Daphne is honored to join her teacher, O.P. Tiwariji and soulfriend, Paul Dallaghan for this 2 week training as a guest musician offering Bhakti and Nada yoga sessions and live music concerts.

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