Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” - Rumi


Medicine for the Spirit and Soul:

The Power of Yoga, Music, Dance, Meditation and Touch.

Daphne fell in love with yoga when a close friend introduced her to Ali MacGraw & Erich Schiffman’s yoga tape, one home practice and she was hooked. While living in Los Angeles she dove into the yoga world for over 9 years (working with Yogaworks and then with Shiva Rea and Yogadventures).  She is inspired by her friend and teacher, Shiva, with whom she has studied with & taken teacher trainings with over the years. She completed her foundational training at Sacred Movement in Venice in 2004.  Initially specializing in kids yoga, she found joy & light working with little people and began branching out and teaching students of all ages. She also embraces the teachings of Erich Schiffman, Pema Chodron and Ammachi in her daily practice.

While living on the island of Bali in 2008, Daphne reconnected with the inspiring and vibrant, Ellen Watson to co-found SPIRITDANCE SOULSONG (now known as VIBRANCE!) fusing together two of the oldest forms of healing on the planet... SINGING and DANCING. 

Ellen brought decades of experience with her teaching movement meditation (from Esalen massage to the 5 Rhythms) and Daphne brought years of singing and working with students to find their true voice.  Ellen and Daphne lead annual trainings and retreats in Bali and beyond.


Using the ancient practices of singing and dancing, Vibrance encourages you to find joy, healing, self-expression and radiant health by discovering your body as a musical instrument. This moving meditation is accessible to everyone.

You are invited to our classes, workshops and retreats, and to join our team of teachers sharing Vibrance around the world. Explore how using movement, breath and sound can transform you, your relationships, your community and the planet. This is the intention of Vibrance.

Come join the Vibrance team for our retreat and teacher immersions into movement meditation, embodied dance, sounding, singing, toning, asana, healing touch and meditation in magical Bali!

2021 Vibrance Retreats & Certification Training in Bali, Indonesia

with Daphne Tse, Ellen Watson & Ashley Johnson

Module I: Vibrance: Elements Retreat

Module II: Vibrance: Expressive Arts Retreat

Module III: Vibrance: Resonance & Reciprocity

All dates TBA

Full Program: Vibrance: 200-Hour Teacher Training

For more details and information on Vibrance in Bali and beyond go to: 





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SoulSongs ONLINE Workshop with Daphne Tse

 —  —

Studio Lotus 8, Tokyo, Japan

SoulSongs ONLINE Workshop focusing on Bhakti Yoga, meanings of specific mantras, chanting and enjoying the sound of your own voice. All levels welcome! July 25th (USA), 6:30p - 8p (PST) 8:30p - 10p Central Standard Time (Texas) July 26th (JAPAN), 10:30a - 12noon Tokyo/Japan Standard Time

SoulSongs ONLINE Workshop with Daphne Tse

 —  —

Studio Lotus 8, Tokyo, Japan

SoulSongs workshop with a focus on activating your voice. Daphne will offer tools and techniques to connect with your authentic voice. She will share pranayama practices to develop your own true voice using methods from ancient times and in modern times. All levels are welcome.

July 11th (USA), 6:30p - 8p (PST) 8:30p - 10p Central Standard Time (Texas) July 12th (JAPAN), 10:30a - 12noon Tokyo/Japan Standard Time

SoulSongs ONLINE kirtan dedicated to my mother, Lydia T. Tse

 —  —

Studio Lotus 8, Tokyo, Japan

Special online gathering honoring my dear Mother, Lydia Tse, with SoulSongs and Kirtan. Let's sing together to bring healing, light and peace to our souls and spirits. July 4th (USA), 6:30p - 8p (PST) 8:30p - 10p Central Standard Time (Texas) July 5th (JAPAN), 10:30a - 12noon Tokyo/Japan Standard Time

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