Soulsongs: Music for Living Yoga

Daphne Tse

Soulful mantras floating over a healing celestial soundscape of classical Indian bansuri, satvik veena and guitarlele infused with modern hypnotic beats. A fresh new sound for the yoga music world.

Sound medicine for the Soul.

SoulSongs: Music for Living Yoga was created and recorded in beautiful north Japan. Inspired by the sounds of nature, the changing of the seasons, the grief of losing loved ones and the celebration of life, this music is offered as a nourishing sanctuary for your whole being.

A dream collaboration by world renowned mantra singer Daphne Tse and Japanese yoga music pioneer, Keigo Tanaka. Immerse yourself and surrender to the rhythms, the mantras and the healing mandala of sound vibrations. SoulSongs features Japanese master musicians, Gumi Tanaka on bansuri, Hiroyuki Matsuhisa on satvik veena and acoustic guitar, Kazz Tsuji on guitarlele, acoustic guitar and percussion with the gorgeous harmony vocals of newcomer, Momoko Nagano creating a fresh new sound to offer to the world of yoga and beyond.

Ambient mantra soul music.

Music for healing. Music to open your heart. Music for living your best life... this one precious life.

This album is dedicated David James Tse, Jr. May his soul shine on and on and on.

A big thanks to Tiko Kadota for her continuous support and love in bringing this project to fruition.

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