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BlessFest HAWAII - Festival on the Big Island

 —  —

Big Island, Hawaii

Join us for a magical weekend of inspiring world music, Hawaiian wisdom, trance dance, chanting, yoga, hula, haka, and more. Possessing the intimacy of a retreat while having the excitement and grandeur of a festival, this event will be a time to drop out and tune in to yourself and the magic ecstatic community.

You will be joined by an incredible group of musicians, singers, and teachers from around the globe.

This Festival will take place at the stunning oasis of Sundari Gardens.

EARLY BIRD Full Festival Pass — $350


Prana Flow-Riding the Vinyasa Wave with Shiva Rea & Friends

 — (PDT, UTC-07) — (PDT, UTC-07)

Shefa Yoga, 245 Main Street, Venice, California

With Shiva Rea and Live Music Daphne Tse, Yoshi Ono and Cooper Madison. Experience Prana Vinyasa flow integrating wave motion, pulsation, rhythm, and spiral movement to develop natural strength and flexibility.

We will experience the jala (water) prana flow pathways to cultivate creative flow, energetic alignment and awaken our primarily fluid body. We will begin with a prana flow namaskar and then ride that wave progression through a grounding yet creative sequence all the way into deep relaxation with live music artists Daphne Tse, Yoshi Ono and Cooper Madison.

$30 - $40

January 17, 2022 at 10AM JST ┏━━━━━……‥‥・・・





2022/1/17: 10:00−11:00






①Finding WaterソングブックをDaphne Tse Japanオンラインショップより購入します。






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