Daphne Tse

Lush bed of piano melodies blended with world mantras, classical guitar and classical Indian bansuri flute featuring the voice of global kirtan singer, Daphne Tse. Immerse in this healing music for your favorite yoga class, meditation or relaxation.

Arigato means, "thank you" in Japanese. This album is an offering of gratitude to all of the wonderful students and fans who have joined Daphne in song, in mantra, in SpiritDance SoulSong over the past decade of her travels to Japan.
Arigato features master Japanese musicians, pianist and producer, Ryohei Kishimoto offering his lush piano melodies blended with Gumi Tanaka's heart opening bansuri flute fused with the entrancing sounds of Isa's classical guitar featuring Daphne's clear and angelic voice to creating a blissful soundscape.
Mantras are chanted in Sanskrit and in Japanese to honor the land and the people of both India and Japan and the connection of sacred sound medicine of both cultures. Relax to this music while you practice yoga, meditate, enjoy a message, as you retire for the day or even as accompaniment for a long drive.

May this music inspire you to practice grace and gratitude in your life.


"If the only prayer you ever say is Thank You, that will be enough." - Meister Eckhart.

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