Finding Water

Daphne Tse & The Kaua'i Ohana Band

Daphne's soulful voice weaves the sounds of Hawaii with eastern mantra and acoustic folk fusion songs to inspire your spirit and touch your heart.

The beauty of this music came into being through a series of synchronous events... Over 10 years ago, my friend and yoga teacher, Aaron Reed invited me to sing at his beach yoga class in Venice, California, where he introduced me to musician and yin yoga teacher Denise Kaufman. Inspired by the original Saraswati Mata track I recorded in Bali in 2008, Denise envisioned a Hawaiian version of the same mantra. In 2011, she invited me to visit her on Kaua'i. She introduced me to the multi-talented Will Lydgate at Steelgrass recording studio on his chocolate farm, which led to us spontaneously recording Saraswati Mahalo. This initial collaboration took us on a journey together creating Ohana through the love of mantra and music. “Ohana” means family in Hawaiian. Our Kaua'i Ohana band has created an album that could have only been created on Kaua'i with this inspiring family of friends and musicians. An inspiring collaboration fused with the mana of Hawaii featuring producers and musicians, Will Lydgate, Denise Kaufman, Gray Bashew, Patrick Cockett, Preeta Carlson, Kirk, Eli and Tora Smart and friends. Like sowing the seed of a cacao plant and giving it love until the final stages of the yummy chocolate bar that melts in your mouth.... this is the essence of this record. Music to savor, music to heal, music to bring you joy. Enjoy! With Love, Daphne

Full Album credits: Produced by: Will Lydgate, Gray Bashew, Denise Kaufman and Daphne Tse Engineered by: Will Lydgate and Gray Bashew at Steelgrass Recording studios on Kaua'i Additional engineering by: Gray Bashew in Los Angeles Mixed and mastered by: Ron Pendragon at Fat Tuesday studios on Kaua'i

A HUGE MAHALO to all the ultra-talented Guest musicians & advisors: Kimokeo Kapahulehua: Hawaiian blessing Steve Gorn: Bansuri flute on Twameva, All I Ask & Imagine Kenny Emerson: Lap steel guitar on Ya Devi, Give Yourself to Love, Gayatri mantra Courtney Hartman: Flatpick guitar on Lakshmi Ma, Give Yourself to Love and Banjo on Carousel Jeff Caldwell: Electric guitars on Finding Water & Ganesha David Ralicke: Horns on Lakshmi Ma Maeve Gilchrist: Harp on Gayatri mantra Daniel Paul: Tabla on Gayatri mantra Kirk Smart: Lap steel guitar on Carousel and Saraswati Mahalo Scott Flynn: Trombone on Ganesha Tora and Eli Smart, Mary Alfiler, Preeta Carlson, Larry LoBocchiaro: Aloha Tribe singers on Give Yourself to Love Dr. Christopher Chapple: Sanskrit guidance Hokulani: Hawaiian guidance

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