The Medicine of Music and Movement Meditation


In many ancient cultures dancing and singing were known to be ways to greater vitality.  It was believed that such practices actually inspire the soul, and better connect us to the divine and sustaining forces of life. Shamans would ask these 4 questions whenever a person was feeling uninspired, lost, sick or not at their best.

1. When was the last time you danced?

2. When was the last time you sang?

3. When was the last time you told a story?

4. When was the last time you sat alone in nature?

I first heard this wisdom teaching almost 15 years ago while on retreat in California.  It was at a time in my life when I was re-evaluating what was important to me and asking what I wanted to manifest in my life. These questions ignited something inside of me. They reminded me of my childhood and calling out my inner child to play again after being in Los Angeles trying to “make it” and being a “grown-up” in the entertainment world.  As a trained singer and yoga teacher, giving myself the freedom to be curious again and not worry about what is “right” and “wrong” and not being concerned with how I looked, sounded or wanting my art to be perfect.  It was a huge relief to imbibe these teachings and be able to express myself fully and freely immersed in the natural beauty of California.

Since that inspiring week, I have been blessed to explore the medicine of singing and dancing as I travel the world sharing the practice of Bhakti yoga and VIBRANCE (formerly known as SpiritDance SoulSong and co-created with my friend and mentor, Ellen Watson, on the island of Bali).

From Indonesia to Japan, Australia, China, Europe, India, the Americas and beyond I have had the honor of witnessing and sharing these ancient practices with both the indigenous people of the land and modern community gatherings at yoga studios, festivals, conferences, and retreats.

VIBRANCE is the first conscious dance practice to include sound and song as an integral part of the curriculum. Both dance and song are timeless community-building practices, dating back before recorded history, and found today in all cultures still connected to Mother Earth and her rhythms.

VIBRANCE fuses cross-cultural spiritual and philosophical truths with Western psychology and modern scientific research. A fusion of the eight chakras and the five elements, SDSS begins with the root chakra, powered by your breath and your heartbeat.

What I love about this practice is that it is accessible to everyone. I have danced and sung with people of all ages, from toddlers to 80-year-olds and even with those in wheelchairs. When the Spirit wants to move and the Soul wants to sing, there is no barrier that can stop this natural expression. My mission is to empower people of all walks of life to discover their body as a musical instrument remembering these healing modalities of singing and dancing and integrating them into their lives daily.  Not only will coming back to these ancient practices return us to our natural state, but they will also help us to remember what is truly important in our lives.  Through movement, music, breath, sound, song, and visualization, we can transform ourselves, our relationships, our communities and our planet!

I am grateful to be traveling around the world in 2019 to share this practice in Bali, Costa Rica, India, Thailand, Japan, China, Europe and beyond. 

Join me and Ellen this March 13 - 23 for our 10 day VIBRANCE retreat and immersion at the only hot springs resort in Bali! 

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