The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.” - Helen Keller

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SoulSongs Bhakti Yoga Weekend Immersion

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Under the Light , Tokyo, Japan

"The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe." - Hazrat Inayat Khan

SOULSONGS Bhakti & Nāda Yoga 2 day immersion - Module I with Daphne Tse and special guests

All that exists in the cosmos, including human beings, consist of sound vibration. This weekend training will include an empowering approach to experiencing sound focusing on the co-creation of voice activation, toning, chanting and movement meditation while fine-tuning your authentic voice. Music is an intermediary role in achieving unity with outer and inner cosmos. We will explore Bhakti Yoga: the path of love, devotion and surrender utilizing music, mantra, the chakra system and the five elements of nature.
This two day immersion is an introduction to the world of Bhakti and Nada yoga and open to students and teachers of all levels.

VIBRANCE: 200 Hour teacher immersion co-teaching with Ellen Watson & Ashley Johnson

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Mimpi Menjangan Hot Springs Eco-Resort, Bali, Indonesia

Join Ellen, Daphne & Ashley, in Bali, at Mimpi for this three-module, 200-Hour Teacher Training.
They are all Yoginis, Dancers, and Lovers of Music, with thousands of hours of practice and teaching under their belts. Together they have developed the VIBRANCE practices to awaken students and teachers alike to the reality that music, mantra, breath, dance, and asana are all yoga. These time-honored embodiment practices are designed to connect you to your own personal power, strength, and authenticity.

With their expertise and unique gifts Daphne, Ellen, and Ashley will guide you in daily practices that tune your personal musical instrument - your Body. Through the use of Vibrance’s map of the 8 Chakras & the 8 Senses, we become vibrating, pulsing, energized, awake, engaged, inspired, intuitive and imaginative. ​User-friendly for all levels of experience, both students and teachers alike are inspired to reclaim your unique creative self-expression.

This 200-hour teacher immersion is available to take in 3 stand-alone modules)

Vibrance Retreats & Certification Training

Module I: Vibrance: Elements Retreat 31st May - 9th June 2020 • Bali, Indonesia

Module II: Vibrance: Expressive Arts Retreat 10th - 18th June 2020 • Bali, Indonesia

Module III: Vibrance: Resonance & Reciprocity 19th - 27th June 2020 • Bali, Indonesia

FULL PROGRAM: Vibrance: 200-Hour Teacher Training 31st May - 27th June 2020 • Bali, Indonesia

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Chamonix Yoga Festival

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Le Majestic, Chamonix, Mont Blanc

The Chamonix Yoga Festival is a three-day festival dedicated to yoga and well-being in the heart of the Mont-Blanc range.

Internationally renowned yoga teachers will be giving lessons throughout the festival in English and French. A choice of different yoga styles, meditation and dance classes are on offer, as well as a relaxing concert of healing sounds. There will also be workshops on nutrition, Ayurvedic medicine and much more! All ages and levels welcome... An event not to be missed@

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